Blog 7/30/14

July 30, 2014 in Featured, Media, News


Progress is steady on the Mac/Linux/PC port of the GM:Studio version; I would say its decently close to finishing once we fix 33 pages of bugs. PlayStation platform progress is coming along as well.

Now, onto Arena mode. The Arena mode we said on Kickstarter was a cool idea before the game was finished. When we added that stretch goal, we didn’t plan to be able to ‘loop’ the game forever; once we added that in, the Arena mode seemed a bit… redundant. However, it wouldn’t be fair to do nothing, so to replace that, we decided to simply add 2 new classes and 10 new items in the same patch.



ya comin @ ur face soon®



Blog 6/17/14

June 18, 2014 in Featured, Media, News

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for like… you know, 5 months. After we got into our major, college classes took up a lot more time than expected. Not a good excuse, but an honest one. Sorry.


Despite what people think, we actually have NOT escaped to Cuba to live a life of luxury. We have a lot of Risk of Rain stuff coming. The most important is moving Risk of Rain from GameMaker 8 to GameMaker Studio. What does this mean? Well,

  • Better performance (MUCH better. Actually-runs-the-final-level-at-60-fps better.)
  • Better compatibility (no more silly sound errors, etc)
  • Cross-platform support for Mac/Linux (I almost want to say cross-platform online too, but I’m not 100% sure)
  • GM native net-code
  • A stable base to iterate and add content in the future

The current timeline is planned to be:

  • Convert Risk of Rain to GM:S (currently where we are, ~1 month)
  • After fixing both new and old bugs, release Risk of Rain on Mac and Linux along with patching the PC version with the GM:S Risk of Rain
  • Get Risk of Rain ready for Sony Platforms (PS3/PS4/PS Vita) and launch when its ready
  • Arena Mode

Why is the Arena mode after all the above? The reason is because we have actually been throwing around the idea of a PvP mode (Risk of Rain style), and we wanted to first see if latency is reduced in the upgrade to GM:S. If not, no worries; the previous plans continue.

Hope that clarifies where we are and where we are going. I’ll try to make an active effort to keep people updated from now on. Cheers.


Blog 1/25/14

January 26, 2014 in Featured, Media, News

Hey guys! I know a lot of you are curious as to how we are planning on updating Risk of Rain. Let us explain! While we will be rolling out bug fixes as usual, the biggest feature update planned for the next patch is the Artifact system, as promised in our Kickstarer. How does it work?

Artifacts can be enabled in the character selection screen in order to drastically change game play. With a bonus score multiplier, players can shoot for an even higher score while playing the game in a new way.

Please note that the number of artifacts and their effects are still a work in progress.

Artifacts are found on specific maps, usually requiring a certain puzzle or skill needed to progress and acquire the artifact. After pickup, Artifacts can be enabled on the character selection menu, for both online and single player gameplay.


The artifact system is designed to give replay value to more dedicated players; Risk of Rain can be fully enjoyed without the Artifact system, but the more hardcore players will want to hunt down and utilize these Artifacts in order to maximize both their gameplay and their score. We will give a release date for our next patch as soon as the Artifact system is stable for players to use, but I am sure that you guys will have a lot of fun utilizing these new custom game options. See you on the planet.


Risk of Rain Patch v1.0.1

November 10, 2013 in Featured, Media, News

  • Bandit
    • Lights Out achievement now properly works on Worms/Wurms
  • Sniper
    • Reload bonus now properly applies to the Heaven Cracker
  • Golem and Wandering Vagrant kills now properly grant progress for unlocks online
  • Achievements dependent on stage progression now properly unlocks online
  • Monster Logs now drop for the client online
  • Monster Logs now adds a chat message on pickup
  • Tiny Imps hitbox is now taller
  • Ampersands (&) can no longer be included in names
  • Swapping between dead players now properly works online
  • The caged test subject is now considered a boss
  • Providence Shrine health percent moved down to 50% from 60%
  • Unlocks now properly wrap vertically post-game
  • Game completion no longer increases your death count
  • Game completion no longer adds to nemesis score

Thanks to everyone who made our game better! You guys lead the most amazing day of our lives!


Risk of Rain Launch

November 4, 2013 in Featured, Media, News

Hey guys! It’s finally done. Risk of Rain will launch on both Steam and Humble Store on November 8th, 2013.


Effective very soon-ish, we will take down the option to purchase the beta (for obvious reasons.)

Current Beta owners will be able to download the Final Beta Build, content-ready (minus.. a monster log or two) the same way you could download beta builds before. That is, it will have all the content of the final build. The final beta build should be up today or early-tomorrow. The purpose of the final beta build is to help iron out any last-minute bugs or balance issues, along with giving the chance for our dedicated testers to play the game a little earlier.

The current plan is that both the $10 or $25 tier will recieve both a Steam Key AND a Humble download by November 8th. However, we will begin selling only Steam Keys on our website, effective in-a-few-days. We will peruse other options for those who want DRM-free copies post-launch.


Thank you so much for the wonderful journey. See you guys on the ground.

-Risk of Rain Team



Risk of Rain: Progress Update 2

October 2, 2013 in Featured, Media, News

Yo. As we continue to chug along with development, we have gotten pretty far. Both Paul and I have gotten back into the groove of college again, and I’ve moved into my new apartment.

For those not familiar with our future goals, the current plan is for beta testers to get access to the launch build a tiny bit earlier (~a week?) than everyone else. While we don’t want to have the game ‘hostage’ from our wonderful backers and preorders who pledged $10, we do still want to give a last ‘thank you’ to all the guys and gals who helped beta test our game. Currently:

  • 100% of classes finished
  • 100% of items finished
  • 85% of item log entries finished
  • 99% of stages finished, with the last 1% being polish
  • 30% of stages fully converted to online play
  • 77% of monster logs finished
  • 100% of the final stage finished, while the final boss is around.. 30%?

‘Woah,’ he may say. Those are numbers very close to 100%! Why, yes, yes they are. Does that mean the game is coming out next week? No, it isn’t. While it may seem very close to feature ready, there are a lot of not-programming and not-art things that still need to be finished to fully create the game. Things like polish, easter eggs, etc are also not included in the above percentages. Not only that, but making everything work well and bug-free online is a total wild card in terms of how much time it will take. You guys are probably tired of hearing it, but we will get a date out as soon as possible. Failed promises are much worse then no promise at all.

We don’t gain anything from keepin’ it a secret! I’d like to develop transparency between our fans and us, and I believe blog posts is a good step for that. Chances are that once we have a release date, the game will be very close to launch :-)


Thanks for reading. You’re the best.





Risk of Rain: Progress Update

September 3, 2013 in Featured, Media, News

Hey guys!

Sorry for the recent radio silence; I was very sick for the last few weeks. With our recent acceptance into Steam Greenlight, I think this is a good time for a progress update on the game and how it is going. While I am a bit hesitant to throw out numbers (the last 10% of game development can be 50% of the work, and numbers can be misleading), I think that transparency is one of the biggest advantages that indie game development has, so I’ll throw caution to the wind. At the moment internally, we are looking at:

  • 90% of classes finished
  • 96% of items finished
  • 39% of item log entries finished
  • 70% of stages finished, with only 30% functioning online
  • 47% of monster logs finished
  • Small (~20%) of the final stage finished

So what does this mean? Why isn’t all that in the beta? Well, that’s what we’re here to talk about! Right now, the plan is to push for release, rather then create another beta build. Why?

  • We want to keep some things secret until final release! You guys deserve the best, and we still want things to be exciting when the game is launched.
    • This means not only big stuff (classes, items, etc) but also small things that will keep the game fresh (re-arranging item logs, etc)
    • Developing things for final release (like the final boss and stage) means that after we create it internally, we have to take it back out, which leads to longer development time and potential bugs
  • The time to develop and maintain a stable beta build is about 2 weeks. Those 90% classes and 96% items haven’t been fully tested, so they can’t just be thrown into a build. That means that the release date is pushed back 2 weeks per beta update. Since we are so close to release, time spent bug fixing and stabilizing a beta build could be time spent bug fixing and stabilizing a final release, especially when the two are so close together. 
  • Our vision of the game isn’t like some other indie games; we don’t plan on keeping the beta going for an extended period of time, but would rather launch the game for everyone to play. Without a proper launch goal in mind, development could drag on for a very long time, with features creeping in. While we aren’t quite comfortable with saying a release date (especially with move-in to an apartment and college starting, yuck), we will post one as soon as we can.

In summation, I think that rather then launching a beta update, we could launch the final game. If you feel otherwise, feel free to post on the forums. We read those; trust me! I know a lot of people may prefer a beta update, and I hope you guys understand why we are choosing this route.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for liking our game so much.




Risk of Rain Beta

August 15, 2013 in Featured, Media, News


Feature Additions:

  • Online Co-op
    • Difficulty levels (Casual, Normal, Hardcore) can now be selected
    • Explorer’s Key, Jar of Souls, and Happiest Mask have been enabled for online play
    • Health Shrines and Imp Jars have been enabled for online play
    • Ancient Valley has been enabled for online play
      • Imp Overlord has been disabled for further testing
  • The ‘Achievement’ tab in the Highscores is fully functional
    • New achievements have been added to facilitate testing
  • Elite bosses now adjust their displayed name in correspondence with their element
  • The Legendary Wisp now properly spawns as an elite
  • The Toxic Beast now properly spawns as an elite
  • The Cremator now properly spawns as an elite
  • The Magma Worm now has updated graphics when spawning as an elite
  • Monsters and certain bosses can now spawn with the Blighted affix (Hardcore only)
  • Certain bosses require more points to now spawn as elites
  • Error messages are no longer displayed on screen
    • Error logs are now saved in the location of your game as a .txt (Naming is done through the date ie. “error_8_24_2013.txt”)
    • Error logs have a maximum size of 100 kb
    • Depending on the nature of the error, you may have to return to the main menu
  • Acrid
    • Health regeneration per level has been increased by 33%
  • Huntress
    • Attack speed coefficent on ‘Strafe’ has been raised to 0.29 from 0.25
    • ‘Laser Glaive’ has been updated to be more responsive
    • Hp/level has been raised by 4 to match the Commando
    • Now gains 2.5% attack speed/level
  • Engineer
    • ‘Thermal Harpoons’ now have a maximum range of 600 pixels
    • Art has been slightly updated in character selection
  • HAN-D
    • DRONE now deals 190% damage, down from 210%
    • DRONE now heals for 8% max health, down from 9% max health
  • Miner
    • Attack speed gained per level is now uncapped

Bug Fixes:

  • Elite Giant Golems no longer crash the game
  • Scavenger no longer regenerates past full health
  • Lemurains no longer grant a completed achievement when left at low health online
  • Miner no longer loses attack speed when leveling up with the Battery
  • Ghosts are now working
  • Multiple mushrooms can now be spawned by players if sufficiently far away
  • (ONLINE) Fixed a variety of glitches

Risk of Rain Beta

July 29, 2013 in Featured, Media, News


Feature Additions:

  • New Classes:
    • Huntress (unlocked by default for the beta)
    • Acrid (unlocked by default for the beta)
  • Online Co-op (Alpha)
    • While not quite finished, we were too excited not to show our beta testers! In this patch,  you will be able to play an early version of Risk of Rain online. Please remember that online is still a work in progress!
    • Certain items, shrines, stages, and features have been disabled to facilitate the alpha testing
  • Tough Times now grants 14 armor (down from 20)
  • Happiest Mask now increases durability and damage of ghosts, rather then spawning multiple ghosts
  • Number of mini-imps spawning from the Imp Pot now scale with number of players in-game
  • Max health is now capped at 9999
  • Engineer Turret no longer procs items
  • Healing on area of effect skills now have diminishing returns

Bug Fixes:

  • Music now properly resumes after pausing
  • Missing ground tiles in Temple of the Elders replaced
  • Heaven Cracker now properly works with the Engineer
  • Fixed problems with HAN-D and Engineer skills scaling cooldown with attack speed
  • Magma Worm’s burning now pauses correctly
  • Wicked Ring now properly procs only when hitting an enemy
  • Enemies in the Temple of the Elders now properly pause when you stop time
  • Ghosts now despawn on Boar Beach
  • Hitlist no longer fails to give stacks when killed by explosive attacks
  • Brilliant Behemoth no longer deals double procs
  • Harvestor Scythe now heals for the intended amount
  • Engineer mines can no longer be activated by ghosts
  • Imp Bodyguard’s death no longer freezes the game
  • Temple Guard ghosts now have proper AI
  • Elder Lemurians now properly deal % of your current health as damage
  • (COOP) post-game screen now shows the stats of the last player alive
  • (COOP) now displays arrows correctly during teleporter event
  • (COOP) achievements should now unlock correctly during co-op

Risk of Rain: Online Co-op!

July 13, 2013 in Featured, Media, News

No Way!

Risk of Rain will now officially support online co-op! Just like local co-op, team up with up to 3 other friends from around the world and try to survive together! This is made possible thanks to the very talented Matthew Griffin from Yeti Trunk, who will now be helping us with online multiplayer development.

When can I play?

Online co-op, while impressive in the trailer, still is not available for play! We have a lot of work to do before it is finished; we are aiming, however, to have online co-op available in the beta as soon as possible.

Online multiplayer is a big feature, and probably the most difficult one to add. Because we have to redo essentially all the code from the ground up, the game’s launch will be delayed until a little later, most likely until around September. While this might disappoint a few people, we feel like the game’s health overall is worth the extra time. Not only that, but it does mean that you guys get to playtest the closed beta a while longer. Check the site frequently for updates!


How does it work?

Like most online games, Risk of Rain will work off of a host-client setup. You will be able to host a game through the main menu, and then through your ip address other people can connect to your game. Once everyone is ready, the game will begin! We will most likely have a thread on the forum for server ip’s so people can find new friends to play with.

I’m not interested; I only play single player!

Risk of Rain is always going to be designed as a single player game. We will not detract from the single player with the addition of multiplayer, and we will never make multiplayer a necessity for achievements, unlockables, etc. The team is aware that some people aren’t interested; that’s cool!

Thank you guys so much for the support! We are really excited to bring this to our fans, and we hope you guys are as excited about this as we are.