Blog 1/25/14

January 26, 2014 in Featured, Media, News

Hey guys! I know a lot of you are curious as to how we are planning on updating Risk of Rain. Let us explain! While we will be rolling out bug fixes as usual, the biggest feature update planned for the next patch is the Artifact system, as promised in our Kickstarer. How does it work?

Artifacts can be enabled in the character selection screen in order to drastically change game play. With a bonus score multiplier, players can shoot for an even higher score while playing the game in a new way.

Please note that the number of artifacts and their effects are still a work in progress.

Artifacts are found on specific maps, usually requiring a certain puzzle or skill needed to progress and acquire the artifact. After pickup, Artifacts can be enabled on the character selection menu, for both online and single player gameplay.


The artifact system is designed to give replay value to more dedicated players; Risk of Rain can be fully enjoyed without the Artifact system, but the more hardcore players will want to hunt down and utilize these Artifacts in order to maximize both their gameplay and their score. We will give a release date for our next patch as soon as the Artifact system is stable for players to use, but I am sure that you guys will have a lot of fun utilizing these new custom game options. See you on the planet.