Risk of Rain Patch v1.2.8

April 14, 2015 in Featured, Media, News, Uncategorized

Hey guys!

Risk of Rain version 1.2.8 is now live for Windows players and will be live for Mac/Linux hopefully later this week! This small patch has been mostly focused on improving the online portion of the game and other small bug fixes. Below is a list of most the gameplay and bug fixes that we did with the help of Leth from Chucklefish ( @griffinmatta )



  • Experience and coins are now invisible at low graphics settings
  • Steam Cloud Saving is now enabled (has been active for the last couple weeks already)

Bug Fixes

  • Item Storage Menu unlocks are now properly matched up with their achievements(syringe, scepter, laser)
  • Added in a catch for ‘draw_item’ bugs that were crashing the game
  • Optimized texture pages to reduce memory usage in game
  • Changed the way the online multiplayer connects to the host, should no longer get stuck on “forced item-sharing”
  • Added in a multiplayer ‘de-sync’ catch to make sure there isn’t one remaining enemy on the client side
  • Can no longer pause the game while hosting online and drop the connection
  • Hidden Damage Numbers no longer crash the game
  • Fixed the oDecoy error that would crash the game
  • Other general online optimization that should solve connectivity issues some players were having

– Pastuleio


Blog 2/20/15 + Test Version 1.2.5 on Steam

February 20, 2015 in Featured, Media, News, Uncategorized

Hey guys,

We are alive! We have been crazy busy with porting, fixing bugs/connection issues, and being in our final year at University. We have a version that has a number of fixes, online-updates, and small optimization additions that will go live on the ‘Test Branch’ for Risk of Rain for Windows users later today on Steam. For anyone that is interested in helping us testing out this version and provide us with feedback on how the game is running, if there are any crashes, and overall how you feel about the version feel free to download it. You need to opt into ‘Beta Releases‘ through Steam.
Here is a link on how to do that:  https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Betas

The password for the Test Branch is ‘riskofraintest’ .

Please shoot us an email at ‘spacegame2012@gmail.com’ if you find anything you need to report with as much information included as possible with the ‘v1.2.5’ tag in the subject of the email. OR you can follow this thread and post and questions or concerns you may have: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/v1-2-5-on-steam-test-branch-feedback.92844/

Thank you for your continued patience and we hope this build will be rolled out to the public soon with your help!



Risk of Rain Patch v1.2.3

November 18, 2014 in Featured, Media, News, Uncategorized


  • Huntress
    • Huntress basic attacks now have the proper hitbox
  • Passive items no longer despawn online
  • The game now properly ends on Mac/Linux
  • Steam Achievements now properly trigger on Windows
  • NOTE: Windows build no longer uses YYC, for the sake of stability. We will keep an eye on performance, and re-integrate YYC once stability is improved

Bug Fixes

  • Acrid now properly attacks the player when unlocking him
  • Elite monsters now properly show their correct colors
  • Killing the overloading magma worm with the Loader now properly triggers the achievement
  • Surviving in the lava now properly triggers the achievement
  • Clicking the “Achievements and High scores” no longer crashes the game on Mac/Linux
  • The Imp Servant now properly follows you even after stopping time
  • The HUD no longer disappears when you die online
  • You can no longer get stuck in walls and floors
  • Linux version no longer crashes when you enter the final level as the host