Risk of Rain Beta

June 4, 2013 in Featured, Media, News


Feature Additions:

  • New Boss: The Scavenger
    • The Scavenger will only spawn naturally as a rare boss (outside of teleporter events)
  • New Items
    • The Ol’ Lopper
    • Permafrost
    • Telescopic Scope
    • 56 Leaf Clover
    • Medkit
    • Spikestrip
    • Headstompers (Actually drops now!)
  • Gold-to-exp rate is now increased at higher gold amounts to reduce time spent waiting
  • Elite mobs now have stun/knockback durations reduced by half
    • This might prove too powerful. Tell us what you think!
  • Director spawn points increased by 15%
  • Enemy damage coefficient scaling increased from 0.6 to 0.66
  • Bandit’s Blast:
    • Increased to 150% from 140%
    • Now capped at 6 attacks/second, from 60 attacks/second as before
    • The cap now scales with attack speed
    • You can now hold down the key to have the Bandit attack automatically
      • This rate is equal to 59% of the maximum attack speed, so pressing the key repeatedly is still worthwhile. Late game, when the attack speed cap is too high to humanely press, you can now hold the key down.
  • Seed now heals for 2(+1 per stack), down from 2(+2 per stack)
  • Plasma Chain can only cast one chain per stack as originally intended
    • Cast chance raised from 8% to 10%
  • Harvester’s Scythe now heals for 12(+4 per stack), down from 12(+12 per stack)
  • Bustling Fungus now heals for 4.5% per stack (down from 6% per stack)
  • Skull Ring no longer reduces the cooldown of basic attacks
  • Unstable Watch’s effects now last 7 seconds, down from 10
  • Infusion no longer has a cap
    • Now grants +1 (+0.5 per stack) health, down from +2(+1 per stack)


Bug Fixes:

  • Second subpermutation of the Lake no longer has one location where you can still climb down into the ground
  • Second subpermutation of the Forest no longer has one location where you can still climb down into the ground
    Second subpermutation of the Cavern no longer has missing blocks on the far right
  • Sky Meadow now has a teleporter animation when entering the level
  • Rolling as the Commando no longer negates the Shield Generator
  • Hitlist description updated
  • Walls on sides of the map have been added to be taller
  • Imp Shrine text no longer sometimes appear behind tiles
  • Getting every item no longer results in a crash
  • ‘Error Defining External Function’ should no longer show up on computers
  • Ghosts no longer count as spawns
  • The Cremator will no longer break dance
  • (COOP) Buff bars will now remain attached to the correct player
  • Lava worm damage did not scale correctly
    • Lava worm lightning affix did not scale correctly


Have any suggestions for future improvements, bug reports, or just want to talk about the game? Head on over to our official forums!