Risk of Rain Beta

July 11, 2013 in Featured, Media, News


Feature Additions:

  • Highscores Tab is now enabled in the main menu!
    • The ‘General’ Tab displays total number of games and high score, along with percent of the game completed
    • The ‘Stats’ Tab displays a variety of info tracked from your games
    • The ‘Achievements’ Tab is still under construction!
    • Please note that all stats are NOT retroactive; while older save files will work, it will not track progress of what you’ve accomplished before.
  • Save files now automatically creates a back-up when saving, named Save_backup.ini
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redist. has been packaged inside the zip file
    • For users suffering from ‘Error Defining External Function,’ run the .exe in the ‘redist’ folder to fix the issue
  • The game has been optimized for lower end computers; users who had frame rate issues before should see a huge performance boost
    • ‘Frame Skip’ option has also been added into the options. Enable to run graphically at a lower framerate for lower-end computers
  • New Class:
    • Engineer (unlocked by default for the beta)
  • New Stage:
    • Temple of the Elders
  • Bustling Fungus’ heal will be canceled when taking damage
  • Repulsion armor changed to 500 armor (83% damage reduction) rather then full invincibility
    • These two changes were aimed at the eventual invincibility late-game. While it is fun to heal-tank, it led to users being so strong they couldn’t even end the game. Not only that, but it was a bit silly to be invincible while afking!
  • Lightning bounce range reduced to 100 (from 200)
  • Lightning bounce number has been raised to 5 (from 3)
  • Lightning no longer does double damage at the end of the chain
  • Advanced lightning elite aura damage reduced by 30%
  • Advanced lightning elite proc chance reduced by 30%
    • We felt that melee characters had an unfair time vs. advanced lightning elites. These changes are aimed at giving melee characters an opportunity window to attack
  • Advanced explosion elite missiles now have a cap of 250 pixel distance
  • Advanced explosion elite missiles now only fire if the monster has been aggro’d
  • Advanced explosion elite missile delay has been normalized to 0.8 seconds (from 0.6-0.9)
    • These changes are aimed at giving players a way to manage elite missile mobs while still retaining their power
  • Max health bars displayed now depend on graphics settings
  • The ‘Item’ category in Post-Game Stats now account for item stacks

Bug Fixes:

  •     Magma worm displays behind pillars in Sky Meadow
  •     Gaining max hp inside the Warbanner can cause negative health regeneration
  •     Time stop’s tickin’ doesn’t stop tickin’
  •     Repulsion Armor sometimes doesn’t display graphics
  •     ‘External’ errors, involving audio and dlls
  •     Savefiles being overwrote
  •     Lava worm burn loop crashes on exit
  •     Warbanner causes negative health regeneration, resulting in many on-hit procs
  •     Friendly Imp does not transition into the next stage
  •     Repulsion Armor doesn’t display in storage menu
  •     Edge of the secret level has no walls
  •     Evolved Lemurians still track the Bandit when he’s using Smokescreen (which should make him invisible).
  •     Monster Log and Item Log sometimes do not unlock from co-op gameplay
  •     Chain lightning sometimes would have untethered range
  •     Thallium now correctly deals damage
  •     Mechanical spider bullets would go off-screen and never be deleted