Risk of Rain Beta

July 29, 2013 in Featured, Media, News


Feature Additions:

  • New Classes:
    • Huntress (unlocked by default for the beta)
    • Acrid (unlocked by default for the beta)
  • Online Co-op (Alpha)
    • While not quite finished, we were too excited not to show our beta testers! In this patch,  you will be able to play an early version of Risk of Rain online. Please remember that online is still a work in progress!
    • Certain items, shrines, stages, and features have been disabled to facilitate the alpha testing
  • Tough Times now grants 14 armor (down from 20)
  • Happiest Mask now increases durability and damage of ghosts, rather then spawning multiple ghosts
  • Number of mini-imps spawning from the Imp Pot now scale with number of players in-game
  • Max health is now capped at 9999
  • Engineer Turret no longer procs items
  • Healing on area of effect skills now have diminishing returns

Bug Fixes:

  • Music now properly resumes after pausing
  • Missing ground tiles in Temple of the Elders replaced
  • Heaven Cracker now properly works with the Engineer
  • Fixed problems with HAN-D and Engineer skills scaling cooldown with attack speed
  • Magma Worm’s burning now pauses correctly
  • Wicked Ring now properly procs only when hitting an enemy
  • Enemies in the Temple of the Elders now properly pause when you stop time
  • Ghosts now despawn on Boar Beach
  • Hitlist no longer fails to give stacks when killed by explosive attacks
  • Brilliant Behemoth no longer deals double procs
  • Harvestor Scythe now heals for the intended amount
  • Engineer mines can no longer be activated by ghosts
  • Imp Bodyguard’s death no longer freezes the game
  • Temple Guard ghosts now have proper AI
  • Elder Lemurians now properly deal % of your current health as damage
  • (COOP) post-game screen now shows the stats of the last player alive
  • (COOP) now displays arrows correctly during teleporter event
  • (COOP) achievements should now unlock correctly during co-op