Risk of Rain Beta

August 15, 2013 in Featured, Media, News


Feature Additions:

  • Online Co-op
    • Difficulty levels (Casual, Normal, Hardcore) can now be selected
    • Explorer’s Key, Jar of Souls, and Happiest Mask have been enabled for online play
    • Health Shrines and Imp Jars have been enabled for online play
    • Ancient Valley has been enabled for online play
      • Imp Overlord has been disabled for further testing
  • The ‘Achievement’ tab in the Highscores is fully functional
    • New achievements have been added to facilitate testing
  • Elite bosses now adjust their displayed name in correspondence with their element
  • The Legendary Wisp now properly spawns as an elite
  • The Toxic Beast now properly spawns as an elite
  • The Cremator now properly spawns as an elite
  • The Magma Worm now has updated graphics when spawning as an elite
  • Monsters and certain bosses can now spawn with the Blighted affix (Hardcore only)
  • Certain bosses require more points to now spawn as elites
  • Error messages are no longer displayed on screen
    • Error logs are now saved in the location of your game as a .txt (Naming is done through the date ie. “error_8_24_2013.txt”)
    • Error logs have a maximum size of 100 kb
    • Depending on the nature of the error, you may have to return to the main menu
  • Acrid
    • Health regeneration per level has been increased by 33%
  • Huntress
    • Attack speed coefficent on ‘Strafe’ has been raised to 0.29 from 0.25
    • ‘Laser Glaive’ has been updated to be more responsive
    • Hp/level has been raised by 4 to match the Commando
    • Now gains 2.5% attack speed/level
  • Engineer
    • ‘Thermal Harpoons’ now have a maximum range of 600 pixels
    • Art has been slightly updated in character selection
  • HAN-D
    • DRONE now deals 190% damage, down from 210%
    • DRONE now heals for 8% max health, down from 9% max health
  • Miner
    • Attack speed gained per level is now uncapped

Bug Fixes:

  • Elite Giant Golems no longer crash the game
  • Scavenger no longer regenerates past full health
  • Lemurains no longer grant a completed achievement when left at low health online
  • Miner no longer loses attack speed when leveling up with the Battery
  • Ghosts are now working
  • Multiple mushrooms can now be spawned by players if sufficiently far away
  • (ONLINE) Fixed a variety of glitches