Risk of Rain Patch v1.2.0

October 22, 2014 in Featured, Media, News


  • Huntress
    • Strafe damage reduced to 120% from 140%
  • HAN-D
    • HAN-D can no longer fire DRONE after death
    • FORCE_REASSEMBLEY damage increased from 400% to 500%
  • ¬†Acrid
    • Acrid’s Caustic Sludge duration is refreshed when overlapped
  • Mercenary
    • Eviscerate now checks max range only on cast
  • Risk of Rain now runs on a newer engine, improving performance
  • 2 new classes are now in the game
  • 10 new items are now in the game
  • 6 new challenges introduced to the game
  • Better scaling options introduced in the menu
  • Improved clarity on meat nugget particles
  • Mushrum no longer detonate on death
  • Mushrum particles are now improved
  • Enemy affix are now vibrantly colored
  • Ifrit damage is now 1.5~2x stronger
  • Cremator damage is slighty lower

Bug Fixes

  • Soldier’s Syringe no longer resets attack speed at high attack speeds
  • Bighorn Bison’s hit box properly matches the sprite
  • Providence no longer keeps up his superarmor buff indefinitely
  • Colossus no longer spawns Golems inside walls
  • Crowbars no longer always deal double damage to Magma Worms
  • Fixed vertical leash range on the Flame Drone
  • Use item chest on the final stage only drops unlocked use items
  • Use items better fit the HUD on cooldown
  • The Enforcer can no longer can climb rope while shielded
  • The Enforcer properly leaves shield mode when teleporting to another stage
  • Improved Huntress arrow hitbox
  • Sniper reload bar now properly disappears after death
  • Sniper’s SCAN properly works with rotated enemies
  • Dynamite Toss now properly works with the Shattered Mirror
  • Variety of other bug fixes that I forgot to write down
  • Ol’ Lopper now properly doubles damage on critical strike