Risk of Rain: Progress Update 2

October 2, 2013 in Featured, Media, News

Yo. As we continue to chug along with development, we have gotten pretty far. Both Paul and I have gotten back into the groove of college again, and I’ve moved into my new apartment.

For those not familiar with our future goals, the current plan is for beta testers to get access to the launch build a tiny bit earlier (~a week?) than everyone else. While we don’t want to have the game ‘hostage’ from our wonderful backers and preorders who pledged $10, we do still want to give a last ‘thank you’ to all the guys and gals who helped beta test our game. Currently:

  • 100% of classes finished
  • 100% of items finished
  • 85% of item log entries finished
  • 99% of stages finished, with the last 1% being polish
  • 30% of stages fully converted to online play
  • 77% of monster logs finished
  • 100% of the final stage finished, while the final boss is around.. 30%?

‘Woah,’ he may say. Those are numbers very close to 100%! Why, yes, yes they are. Does that mean the game is coming out next week? No, it isn’t. While it may seem very close to feature ready, there are a lot of not-programming and not-art things that still need to be finished to fully create the game. Things like polish, easter eggs, etc are also not included in the above percentages. Not only that, but making everything work well and bug-free online is a total wild card in terms of how much time it will take. You guys are probably tired of hearing it, but we will get a date out as soon as possible. Failed promises are much worse then no promise at all.

We don’t gain anything from keepin’ it a secret! I’d like to develop transparency between our fans and us, and I believe blog posts is a good step for that. Chances are that once we have a release date, the game will be very close to launch :-)


Thanks for reading. You’re the best.