Hopoo Games is made up of two students from the University of Washington:

Paul Morse

Hey there! I am the lead game designer and PR guy for the Risk of Rain Team. I have a strong passion for games and have always wanted to be part of a small development team. I’ve gained more experience in web development, communication, and how to run a small business from working on Risk of Rain than I even imagined. I am currently at the University of Washington studying Finance and Entrepreneurship. I am very excited to be working on Risk of Rain and seeing what the future of Hopoo Games becomes.

Duncan Drummond

Hey! I am the artist and programmer for Risk of Rain. While this is my first big project, I have been tampering with GameMaker for quite a few years. I’m self-taught in both GameMaker and Pixel Art (done in MS Paint!) Currently I attend the University of Washington, studying Mechanical Engineering. I love video games and my pet cat, Dio.

The game began as sketches on the back of scrap paper. As we kept brainstorming, the game we were talking about sounded.. fun! We have been working on Risk of Rain for about 5 months, and the feedback we have received so far is incredible. Having never released any games to the public, it’s exciting to see that we can make something that many people enjoy.

Chris Christodoulou

Hello folks. I’m writing the music for Risk of Rain which means I’m the one to blame every time you’re looking for the mute button. In my free time I’m selling these fine leather jackets™.